Packaging the latest Adobe Reader DC as an IntuneWin file

If you’re not familiar with the IntuneWin format and what it’s used for/when it’s used there’s some good background reading from Microsoft here: Prepare a Win32 app to be uploaded to Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Docs. In short, it’s a format designed to package Windows application installers for deployment with Intune. Kelvin has published a … Read more

Handling Base64 encoded strings with PowerShell

I don’t handle Base64 strings very often – when I do I find myself searching for instructions every time. So I finally decided to add two small helper functions to my PowerShell profile. You can quickly edit your PowerShell profile file by typing <code data-enlighter-language="powershell" class="EnlighterJSRAW">code $PROFILE into your PowerShell window – this will pop … Read more

Monitoring OneDrive status with PowerShell, CyberDrain and NinjaRMM

About this script So firstly, if you haven’t already, hit the giant orange button above to read the original blog post on to understand what this script is doing! The problem with NinjaRMM Many, if not most RMM platforms can run a script to monitor system state. NinjaRMM is no different here – but … Read more